January Newsletter

Oshkosh Early Learning

January 2020: Issue #5

Message from Principal Schendel


Your Child’s Progress

How is my child doing? 

Progress Reports will be coming home with 4K children on Monday, February 10th. Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held in February for all 4K classrooms. Our team of teachers looks forward to collaborating with you during this time around your child’s progress in learning so far this school year. 

Please know that the range of development between ages four and six is significant. Each child learns at his/her own pace and that’s ok. At conferences, teachers will be providing you with several activities that you can do with your child at home to help them continue to build skills that lay the foundation for success at school.  

The only requirement that exists for your child to go to kindergarten is that they are five years old on or before September 1, 2020. Please note that the anticipated progression in the Oshkosh Area School District is for each child to spend one year in 4K, one year in 5K, one year in 1st grade, etc. Children in 4K fall under the OASD’s retention policy and retention in the OASD is very rare and must be based on data. If you have concerns about your child’s development and kindergarten readiness please let your 4K teacher know as soon as possible. 


Beth Schendel

Principal of Early Learning

Important Upcoming Dates


Sunday, January 19th

Sunday Night Storytime

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Wednesday, January 8th 



*12:30 dismissal K-5

*1:26 dismissal 6-8

*1:30 dismissal 9-12


Monday, January 20th 




Sunday, February 2nd

Sunday Night Storytime

Watch for the video in your email and on Facebook!

Social and Emotional Tidbits

New Year’s celebrations traditionally bring with them the setting of resolutions -  things you promise to do and/or not to do for the rest of or by the end of the new year. We encourage people to set commitments that say what you will do using the starter “I’m going to ____.” One of the most powerful commitments you can make is in how you choose to see your kids, and how you choose to let them know you see them. 

Do you know how often research indicates children are told what they are doing correctly? 

  • Less than 2% of the time! 

Do you know how often research indicates children comply with adult requests? 

  • 80% of the time! 

Why does it matter? 

  • Research indicates that you can improve behavior by 80% just by pointing out what someone is doing correctly.

We hope you will join us in committing to noticing when your children are doing what they are supposed to and sharing with them that you notice when they are doing the right thing. The more specific you can get the better! 

Instead of...


“Thanks honey!”

“You picked your clothes up and put them in the hamper. Wow. That was helpful!”

“Good job!”

“You worked so hard to make sure all of your toys ended up in the right bin.”


Math Corner

In January, your child is playing more with simple addition, exploring pairs as a set of two matching objects, reading numerals to six and so much more! 

Our houses often have mittens stuffed into a basket, waiting to be used. Well grab out those mittens and let your little one explore. Invite your child to dump out the mittens and pair them up. To add a bit of a challenge, ask your child to count the individual mittens and predict how many pairs they’ll be able to make, then make and count the pairs to find out the number. If you don’t have mittens at home, you can always use socks! It’s a great way to get those loose mittens organized and have fun with math at the same time. 

Below you will find some wonderful math-related books that go right along with our mitten fun! 

Questions, Comments, Suggestions 

In the Oshkosh Area School District, we are dedicated to providing the best educational program possible for our children. Should something occur that you have a question about or are unhappy with, please give your child's teacher a call first and then your child's principal so that they can work together with you to address your need. Beth Schendel can be reached at 424-1004.  If you have a concern that you have been unable to resolve with a staff member or the principal, you may call the district office at 424-0395 and they will help you address your concern and/or connect you with others who can help.


Office of Early Learning Leadership Team

Principal of Early Learning

Beth Schendel


Instructional Support Teachers

Darcy Trebiatowski - 4K

Sara Nagel - 4K

Traci Soeller - Literacy

Valery Splittgerber - 4K

Program Support Teacher

Lisa Brull 

Preschool Diagnosticians

Janel Retzlaff

Kristy Miller

Nichole Beckman


Stephanie Thiel